Best Damn Cannabis Drinks Online

Best Damn Gummys Delta 9 THC cannabis Drink.
Delta 9 THC 20mg

Starting at $4.99

Best Damn Gummys Delta 9 energy cannabis Drink.
Delta 9 THC 10mg +
Caffeine 40mg
Energy Shot

Starting at $4.99

Best Damn Gummy's Delta 8 THC Shot 50mg Pack
Delta 8 THC 50mg

Starting at $4.99

We are quickly becoming the best-selling alcohol-removed hemp beverage on the market. Give us a shot!

What's a Canna Drink?

Best Damn Canna Drinks was born when we saw the market starting to adopt drinks as another form of consumption and got to work. What we created was a delicious alternative to alcoholic drinks. Cheers!

DYNAMITE TASTE: Each Delta 8 THC Shot 50mg is packed with a punch of flavors from your favorite spirits. Just pour the shot in your favorite mixer and you’ll be able to enjoy the effects of cannabis anywhere.

NON-ALCOHOLIC SPIRIT: We boil off any excess alcohol in spirits before running our special cannabinoid distillate in it to give you the highest quality best tasting non-alcoholic spirit. That’s how we are able to make the best tasting alcohol-free beverages.

NO HANGOVER: Our shots provide a calming and relaxing experience similar to that of your favorite alcoholic beverage, but without the nasty hangover the next day.

LOW CALORIES: With each shot, you can experience the buzz of your favorite spirit without the extra calories.

EUPHORIA AND RELAXATION: Take a break and let go of your heavy weight on the ground!

Our shots will make you feel like floating with the clouds. It is the perfect way to unwind after a long day.

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