You need to try these gummies. They just taste so damn good. Hmm, well maybe if you’re missing your tongue or something then it might not work out for you… Come to think about it. If you don’t have a tongue, you’d probably need all cannabis gummies you can get!

  1. Our gummies are the REAL DEAL! We even have salt bae in the lab dusting these gummies with sugar. Nah, just playing. But we do have a woman named Lauren (Lauren is the shit!). And she wears sunglasses inside. So… that’s pretty close.

    These gummies are a gift from Gonzo, the gummy god. He suited up as an astronaut, came down to earth and was like “Okay look you dummies, you’ve gotta try my cannabis gummies. They’ll get you medicated, and some will get you stoned.”

  2. Ya know those moments when you’ve gotta be around your in-laws? You want to be higher than Einstein’s IQ but you don’t wanna smell like Pepe Le Pew? That’s when you pop one of our THC gummies. You’ll be laughing at your father-in-law’s lame dad joke in no time. You will agree that we have the best gummies after just one holiday weekend sleeping on the fold out couch.

Well that’s an interesting question, young grasshopper. We have plenty of products that will put you on your ass (hopefully you choose a comfortable chair).

You can start by exploring our delta 9 THC gummies. These gummies will give you similar results to a cannabis gummy from a dispensary. If you need something a bit stronger, take a look at our delta 8 THC products including our 1000mg delta 8 THC Magic Stixx.

C’mon now. All of our products are the best quality edibles on the market. Everything is lab tested by a third party lab. We use American grown hemp and we manufacture our gummies right here in the beautiful state of Michigan. These gummies are no joke – they are the best gummies in all the lands. We do things at another level here at BDG. 

We make the best damn CBD gummies on the market. They pack a punch with various dosages crammed into the tastiest gummies in the Milky Way. Our CBD gummies are ultra chill but non-intoxicating. 

Don’t worry! We also have gummies that can get you stoned, some that will get you horny, and some that will even get you a little trippy! We use botanical and herbal extracts to power all of our amazing gummies.

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