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Yo, Gummies That Taste Bad Are 💩.

To be real, most CBD edibles taste like crap. But not these gummies. Our CBD gummies are hotter than the middle of Texas – in July (so pretty damn 🔥). They taste like candy because they ARE candy. And we use the best damn CBD oil to make them too.

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We added some new flavors to our line up and we know you’re going to love them.
Best Damn Gummys Delta 9 THC cannabis Drink.
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Best Damn Gummys Delta 9 energy cannabis Drink.
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First off… bro, how do you not know about CBD gummies? Where have you been? Under a rock ? (Nah, we’re just kidding).

But for real, CBD gummies are the best way to kick back. Ever. Look… I know every edible you’ve ever tried tastes like bong water. But trust me. We made these with taste in mind. We didn’t win best edible by making a sh*tty gummy! No cap, 👀 the deets! 🙌 Right here! 🙌

We got flavors so good that you won’t forget them even if you’re stoned out of your 🧠. Our CBD gummies are made with the highest quality ingredients and flavors possible, because we know you’re not about to eat 🗑️ ever again.

So imagine your grandma (if you got a grandma that can cook well)… but imagine your grandma was a stoner and made edibles. Okay? This is what she would make. Exactly bro… exactly. Even Gordon Ramsey couldn’t get enough of these gummies. Better yet, they taste like HE made them.

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We even got salt bae in the back sprinkling these damn CBD gummies dude. Nah, I’m just playing. But we do have a guy named Dale (Dale is the shit!). And he wears sunglasses inside. So… that’s pretty close.

Like, this stuff is a gift from Gonzo, the CBD god. He suited up as an astronaut, came down to earth and was like “Okay look you dummies, you’ve gotta try these CBD gummies.” True story, bro. They did. And now we’re here.

Ya know those moments when you’ve gotta be around your in-laws and you don’t wanna smell like Pepe Le Pew? That’s when you pop our Best Damn Gummy’s ™ and laugh at your father-in-law’s joke about the President.

I’ll be honest… unless you’re missing your tongue or something then you need to check this out… Come to think about it. If you don’t have a tongue you need all the CBD you can get. YOU POOR SOUL.


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The popular kids in class that get the extra attention.. but who can blame them for being awesome?!

1,000mg Delta 8 Magic Stixx Product
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Delta 8 THC Magic Stixx 600mg


50mg Delta 8 THC Shots Product
50mg Delta 8 THC Shots
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600mg Delta 8 THC Gummies Product
600mg Delta 8 THC Gummies
$47.25 USD

$34.99 – $89.99

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We’ve got the best customers in the world and they’re always telling us how much they love our gummies. Here’s what a few of them had to say:
Have a hard time sleeping at night and talked with the staff and they recommended their CBN line. Has helped out tremendously!

Andy Sturgeon

I believe in and benefit so much from the products that I got a job working for them! 💚

Nika Green

Honestly they are great gummies for retail shops. Fairly priced with low MoQ. All the flavors are delicious, fulfillment speed was good and the potency is spot on.
Mike Cash
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About BDG - Award Winning best CBD Gummies Company

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