If You Take Too Much

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If You Take Too Much

Although THC is known for its euphoric effects and countless benefits, taking too much can sometimes warrant undesired effects. We have said before that THC seems to have anti-anxiety properties, but taking too much can create a paradoxical effect. This is related to its psychoactive properties, which some may be more sensitive to than others. THC can have mind-altering effects. These effects can make some people feel uncomfortable, especially in larger doses. While many people use THC for its cerebral effects, some may experience an altered state of consciousness after taking too much. This can result in hyper-awareness, difficulty staying on a train of thought, and/or paranoia.

If you do experience these adverse effects, they will only last for a small period of time. We recommend turning on some soothing tunes, taking some CBD (known for alleviating the negative effects sometimes caused by THC), and drinking a sugary cup of coffee (caffeine/sugar is supposed to help). And just know that of all the years of THC use, not a single person has ever not recovered from taking too much. Just ride it out, and you will be better shortly. ❤️

Here are some other potential side effects:
•dry mouth
•Dry eyes
•A failed drug test
•And feeling too happy— yes, you may get extreme giggles 😉🌈

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