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Space Cadet (Delta 9) Starter Pack - Best Damn Gummy's - Retail

Space Cadet (Delta 9) Starter Pack

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Includes 2 gummies of the following:

  • 10:1 - These gummies pack a punch of CBD & THC that's sure to hit the spot, take away the stress, and relax your body and mind.
  • 3:1 Cosmic Drops - Blast off to space with our cosmic drops, packing a delicious punch of flavors and cosmic experiences. 
  • Delta 9 25mg BIG - Feeling like taking a BIG step? Our 25mg gummies are sure to bring your stress levels down, and enhance your life on a deliciously epic level.
  • Delta 9 42mg BIG- BOOM! Did someone say couch melter?! These bad boys will put you on your a** and melt your stress away.
  • Delta 9 Shooter - Get out of the way, alcohol! Our D9 shooters are the perfect replacement for your nights out, or nights in. Whatever the occasion, mix these into your favorite drink and you've made the Best Damn canna drink!

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